Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Wonderings of a Wonder Woman

In the air I smelled your scent
Floating among the clouds
Never imagined I’d be here
Falling fast
Leaving my imprints, like bullet holes
through love clouds
My arms are flexed,
Using my instincts to ward off all evil
Looking for civilians to shield from the pain of the world
I am stronger now that you left me to fight
the villains of the underworld,
the demons that spoiled our romantic, heroic fantasies
While you hide among the stars searching for answers
You remember how you got there..
Thinking yourself a hostage in our comic book-like partnership
My sources tell me you are one of many Supermans
Gallivanting around in your flashy costume
You played the part well, but you never wondered
I’d be too much woman for your superness to keep a hold of
Tonight I took refuge among the creatures of the jungle
Searching for the nature of the animal world
Wonder woman in all her wonderings
Never really believed she’d find her superman

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