Monday, June 20, 2005

Floating Cafe(Madrid)

Coffee tables of love
Una mas
Cups of tranquility
Reflecting on our bonding
around the giant goldfish
Creating underwater rainbows,
dancing, and playing
Us was invisible
No labels or definitions
Sending off our memory
to row in the park pond forever

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Stir, blend, and mix,
Instantaneously, constantly, and unwillingly
They mutate, morph, and replicate,
They are indestructible, immortal, and all-powerful.
My wishes, dreams, and nightmares
Hold secrets, lies, and truth.
Eyes, lips, skin
Memories and recollections, impact
My premonitions, intuitions, and signals
Tornados, thunder, lightning,
Hurricanes, puddles, and rain.
Ropes and chains imprison emptiness
Crawling in shadows, stars, and teardrops
Smudge and smear on cement
Rocky and rough, hard
To steer, direct and pass
Through tides, waves, and oceans
Losing, loving you.