Wednesday, December 21, 2005

C’s Captivity Collapse

Concealing shells
Carelessly panting
Calling feeling
Crawling out in the open
Creeping in broad daylight
Colorful emotional paintings
Clear and transparently
Claiming reality

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lust Flakes


Monday, December 19, 2005

Snowy Nights

Green tea
Lonely skin
Frost tickled
Third degree

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Rules Rule

The rules
Broke them and fell
A girl’s sin
Dare not be loud and needy
Only sneaking behind the scenery
Agonizing wishing
Fighting with their limitations
Anti-Girlie thoughts imprisoned
Spiting on the prison guards that make love so hard
Broke the rules
Caged like the animal I am
Serving my time

Burning Plastic

Labeled the “perfect” American WOMAN
Barbie stole G.I. Joe’s Jeep
Packed it with her plastic pumps, bows, and babies
Drove it down the hall
Far from the pink house and pink corvette
Strait towards the kitchen
With a scissor she cut her long blond locks
And tossed them in the trunk
Dumped hairspray out over it all to the beat of a heavy metal song
A lit match was tossed from the counter top
Leaning against a bottle of Jack
She smoked with Cat-woman
With the flames of the melting jeep in her eyes

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Orange innocence

The pumpkin was innocent
A possessed Jack O’lantern was christened in the kitchen
Pumpkin seeds are salted and baked
Pure pumpkins
A band of pumpkin pies for thanksgiving
Pumpkin patch
The poor pumpkin got picked
Pumpkin soup mixed with vegetables on the front burner all day
Autumn served the pumpkin on the table
All the pumpkins you can carry
Pumpkins under the stars wish to stay
Pumpkins on the vine laugh at the apple picking sign


Catching black butterflies in his eyes
Two dark pools of mystery
Eyes tell stories
A story-oholic swims while dreaming
Floating counting the floating butterflies

From Your Kids

Crack an egg over your head
Surprise it’s not hard boiled!

Chewing with your mouth open is contagious
Loud spoken equal’s obnoxiousness!

She never made enough food for you
Speaking with your hands is not a form of art!

Children are not allowed without shoes in department stores
Children pay to ride the subway!

Gamble away
Sleep all day!

We have no sympathy
We plot against your snoring dreams!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Drops of Summer


On a familiar high
pink clouds of passion flew by-
Floating in your eyes.

The fountain breathes out
Spilling years of water carefree…
bubbling… giggling

A wise fountain,
pours out its heart,
Splashing children,

Rose pedals will float…
lying in the garden alone
dreaming around lies.

Drowning in curtains
locked in deep white chambers-
sleeping forever.

A stumbling path-
the October sun rises
over mystery.

Losing the chase
in my demon lovers eyes-
The tapes rewind.

Seashells dream…
Purple skies hope for romance,
hammocks cradle love.

Words on walls
a purple palace screams-
Princesses creep

Stray kittens…
Forever casting wishes
with eyes widened

Lust filled whispers
igniting infatuation-
burning innocence

crossing many lips…

Empty sand castles-
blank pages hug my books…
The beach glass is laughing

Its just time-
Jeans stuck in the sand….
A desperate night.

Haunting games-
Unforgettable name-
Blue self-shame

Monday, June 20, 2005

Floating Cafe(Madrid)

Coffee tables of love
Una mas
Cups of tranquility
Reflecting on our bonding
around the giant goldfish
Creating underwater rainbows,
dancing, and playing
Us was invisible
No labels or definitions
Sending off our memory
to row in the park pond forever

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Stir, blend, and mix,
Instantaneously, constantly, and unwillingly
They mutate, morph, and replicate,
They are indestructible, immortal, and all-powerful.
My wishes, dreams, and nightmares
Hold secrets, lies, and truth.
Eyes, lips, skin
Memories and recollections, impact
My premonitions, intuitions, and signals
Tornados, thunder, lightning,
Hurricanes, puddles, and rain.
Ropes and chains imprison emptiness
Crawling in shadows, stars, and teardrops
Smudge and smear on cement
Rocky and rough, hard
To steer, direct and pass
Through tides, waves, and oceans
Losing, loving you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bench Love (madrid)

My eyes blended into yours
On a bench
Worn with history
Smudged with love
Smeared with some intimacy
Pressed and rolled over with kisses
Lusty eyes have photographed it countless times
In the square under the sun it tans
Content in its place it watches the sun rise and fall
The light of the moon cools its steamy heat
Sparkly cobble stones reflect blue attracting couples
Lip and finger-locked to take a seat
This bench sees no deformities, no ends, and no mysteries
But only cultivates the hearts of lusty, loving Spain

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Ive fallen
I always was falling
Now Im lying on the pavement
My words splattered all over the cement
The sun has dried them up
A message old and broken

Could you digest this stale confession?

Like water it would flow threw you
But I’d feel it as if it were glass
Ripping and tearing my flesh on the way down
I hold my mouth and refuse to let this fly
Fighting with fate
I run during the day
I run in my sleep
Time expired me
All is hardened
Closure is nothing but a dream
The finish line has disappeared
And I’m still running

Sunday, March 27, 2005


Lost thought-Like the homeless man-Living day to day, facing closed doors-No where to stay-Sleep where it must, struggling to survive in a world of pain- Grounded -Chained to circumstances. Poor man- He does not need your pity, or your sympathy-He wants your money!-He needs a drink- and why wouldn’t he?A mind alteration- To freeze his situation- Drunk, tired- Give him a warm place to dream.

Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Red Trail

Can you hear my silent breath?
A whispering wonder gasping for air
These loud eyes cry empty buckets of tears
In a gap of frozen time I dump them into the ocean
Shoved down and chained to this red marked trail
I stare down at my feet refusing the false scenery
A secret path runs through my veins
Foreign words inhabit my broken mouth
This dehydration makes it impossible to spit them out
Copy written dreams replay throughout the night
Underneath another passes transparently

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Your Not Alone Tonight

Possessed palms
Frigid grip
Unfamiliar eyes
Shaken cry
Losing the path
Hanging on a cruel dream
Falling from sanity
A cracked world
Against cold walls
We cry for you
Dry your tears
We hope for you
Sleep without fear
Soar through a peaceful world on your pillow
Come back to us in the morning
Leave her behind
Drain her memory from your wounds
With open arms we wait for you
Turn your back to her
Look with us towards the sunrise

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Lost your kitten?
Can’t catch me.
Can’t mold me.
Rolling in the grass.
Burying my meow in the sand.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Left Dreaming of the Sea

I left my heart on Fire Island
In the pouring rain I danced
With a flask in my hand
I spun and shook around
Until it fell out onto the sand

Out of spite I jumped the next ferry
I believed it to be hexed,
Tattooed with your memory
Today it’s a cold wintry day in the city
And I lie here
Counting the days
Until I can go back to the house by the sea

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dead Time

The watch I wear has stopped
My moon eyes gaze above the roof top
A brightness blinds me during the day
These hands frozen for eternity pray
I find comfort only in this empty black sea
When I swim I look down and loose me

I put the dead watch in a bottle and gave it to a wave
Inside I feel as if I took that bottle chewed and swallowed- and your memory Ill forever save
A painful digestion
Life’s tainted selection

I saw you open my bottled time in my dreams
My cries have been muted so you cant hear me scream
You put on my dead watch, admiring it and such
It began to tick with your touch
In the distance I hid in the sand dunes
In wonder- hope- awe- I knew I’d awaken soon

Friday, February 11, 2005

Lost Image

The tiles in the floor are broken.
I choke on these words
that few have spoken.
With my fingernails I scrape the top of each ceramic square.
The air in the room grew thick and green;
you were there.
Locked up- cold and wet
Don’t knock- we’ve never met.
That image in the mirror is not my own;
She is a traitor, a savage, a coward
who left me alone.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Silent Questions

What could you do- If I confessed?
Cleaned up our mess
Stopped pretending
Never gave back that shirt you lent me
Proved you right,
Threw a fit tonight.
Pushed you off me
Laid out the truth nicely
Denied your eyes

I’ve decided to walk away

What should you do- If I throw away phoniness?
Accepted loneliness
Laughed at your lies
Let myself cry
Enjoyed a taste of fate
Felt sorry for you

From now on I’ll look away

What would you do- If I got over you?
Moved on too
Forgot that song
Admitted to myself that you were wrong
Erased you from my dreams
Thought of something else before I fell asleep
Broke all the promises I said I’d keep

Tonight I have driven miles to lock you away

Saturday, January 01, 2005

The Hole In My Sweater

I stare through the hole you burnt in my sweater
Now a peep hole, a time warp- into a night a few years ago

A lick- chased with a lime
Free spirits dancing in the colored lights
Watching you-
Breathless in the dark
Chain linked fingers dangle about the crowd
Deep eyes to dive into
A four-block walk
Catching and netting
Jarring up fast swimming rebound kisses

I have forty other sweaters,
but refuse to part from this one

Worn, abused, burnt
It hangs in my closet for safekeeping’s
Like an old photo
A note in a box full of memories
I wear it occasionally
When I do, I roll up the hole into a cuff in my sleeve
If they saw it I could no longer mean anything to me
Alone I unroll it,
Gazing through my little peep hole-
Dreaming, remembering, rearranging