Saturday, January 04, 2014

Fairies and their tales

I’m on the table with my withering
wings flopping at my sides.
Cut me open.
Take out my heart.
My magic no longer
paints that glow upon your face.

Too vulnerable. I’m reckless. Incapable.

Drain my blood…my love


Give me the frozen soul of a vampire.
A stone heart.
I want to be a sexy bloodsucker,
leave behind
my fairytales and wands.
I'm a bad blood-thirsty
bitch with no pulse.

I plan to seduce, smooch, and slay your friends
And slip away into the dark night.
Laughing at the homeless fairies
clutching their books of tales,
as I clutch my bottle of tequila
dancing over the streets,
my stilettos tap and strum
pavement for centuries to come.