Saturday, October 13, 2012


I want to reinvent myself,
color my hair
then cut it all off,
get a blond wig with black streaks,
and live the life of a freak
a few days a week.

Imma remix myself
be more lusciously,
emotionally tolerable,
look even hotter in a t-shirt,
find a man who is dangerously irresistible,
and be more aggressive
and vulgar with the fellas

I’m rewiring my connections,
masquerading around
with 6 different masks
in my back pocket,
experimenting with voodoo,
and admitting that I’m hot for dreadlocks.
I am NEW…
Making a vow to be fearless,
more attentive,
more intuitive,
I will breathe each breath
like it’s sacred H20,
look deeper into the eyes of others,
wash away the anxiety,
regrets, & phobias,
get a psychic reading
ask for an exorcism,
bow to the gods
and start anew.