Monday, June 30, 2014

Burn the Body

They spoke your name in vain
Against your truths
Dabbled in your book
Followed your practices
And ran away with great powers
Knowing your mechanics- love
Fleeing fast with the ability to manipulate hearts

I turned off my heart:
                  Played dead
Felt them standing over me
Muttering evil lines-
The words are satanic
Verses of knives
Writing wounds that do not heal

I convulsed and spat them out
It is too late
Standing tall as dark pillars,
in their black capes they grinned
beneath blurred faces unbeknownst to me

Church bells are ringing somewhere deep down inside
They are feint, but present
They’ve taken everything that’s left
And there’s just one thing left to do:
                  Burn the body