Friday, October 26, 2007

A sunny wreck

I always wanted
to save you
from the wreckage
of the past
and the unfulfilled dreams
of the future,

Your heart that will hurt forever
lying next to mine
in a bruised field
where explosions
have trapped
them beneath debris
and keeps them in the dark
breathing in toxic fumes.

My fighting eyes
would take wounds to rescue you,
pull you from this burning wreck
that keeps the mind
from defining-
the burning
that fills real
bright and airy rooms
with dark and rusty metal furniture.

The wind is always dusty,
I walk in its potent cloud
woozy and doped-up.
we are both wounded,
and re-opened,
but simply by default.

As I watch you get
stronger I find
the truth is
I can’t save you,
but have come to
learn from you and depend
on you-
unlike I have any other.
It makes me fearful
to think I would ever say:
“What would I do without you?”

I still hear
the whispers and the screams.
I still feel my bones shake
and my insides turn green,
but I can still walk
and even laugh
as the voice whispers again:
you are a fighter
When I think of you
I believe it this time.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Black Sand

I kissed Spain last night,
fell asleep
on an empty
train platform
dreaming of a beach
of black sand
and polished rose quartz stones

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The strange little things you do

The strange little things you do
After watching close
I noticed I do them too
The weird and impulsive things you say
or the way you grip onto
the hand of those you love
until it hurts
You’re emotional and over-sensitive
I even hurt like you too, but can never tell you
I am incapable
Though my fragility is invisible
My body rough like stucco and solid as cement
You cry and tell me you’ll never let go
Look at me with those brown eyes
that are like mine
inside I crumble
and I say to myself- finally.