Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Rules Rule

The rules
Broke them and fell
A girl’s sin
Dare not be loud and needy
Only sneaking behind the scenery
Agonizing wishing
Fighting with their limitations
Anti-Girlie thoughts imprisoned
Spiting on the prison guards that make love so hard
Broke the rules
Caged like the animal I am
Serving my time

Burning Plastic

Labeled the “perfect” American WOMAN
Barbie stole G.I. Joe’s Jeep
Packed it with her plastic pumps, bows, and babies
Drove it down the hall
Far from the pink house and pink corvette
Strait towards the kitchen
With a scissor she cut her long blond locks
And tossed them in the trunk
Dumped hairspray out over it all to the beat of a heavy metal song
A lit match was tossed from the counter top
Leaning against a bottle of Jack
She smoked with Cat-woman
With the flames of the melting jeep in her eyes

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Orange innocence

The pumpkin was innocent
A possessed Jack O’lantern was christened in the kitchen
Pumpkin seeds are salted and baked
Pure pumpkins
A band of pumpkin pies for thanksgiving
Pumpkin patch
The poor pumpkin got picked
Pumpkin soup mixed with vegetables on the front burner all day
Autumn served the pumpkin on the table
All the pumpkins you can carry
Pumpkins under the stars wish to stay
Pumpkins on the vine laugh at the apple picking sign


Catching black butterflies in his eyes
Two dark pools of mystery
Eyes tell stories
A story-oholic swims while dreaming
Floating counting the floating butterflies

From Your Kids

Crack an egg over your head
Surprise it’s not hard boiled!

Chewing with your mouth open is contagious
Loud spoken equal’s obnoxiousness!

She never made enough food for you
Speaking with your hands is not a form of art!

Children are not allowed without shoes in department stores
Children pay to ride the subway!

Gamble away
Sleep all day!

We have no sympathy
We plot against your snoring dreams!