Friday, February 24, 2012

Riding Coasters

I'm in your amusement park riding all the coasters.
Rolling.. Clack. Clack. Clack.. Click. Clack..
Climbing to the tippy top..

There’s a sudden hush
followed by a shriek from a woman
with long rugged kinky hair and an orange suntan.

The wind is absent and time suddenly seems paused,
but still fizzles like a drop of ice water
on the blacktop under a heavy August sun.

I hear your voice as I descend.
Your promises tickle my ears with the wind.

At every turn you grab my stomach
in your hands and shake it up
as I twist and flip upside down.

When I scream mercy, you cry out
“you’re wicked,”
you are now the victim, and threaten to cut my harness.

After released I seemingly run free,
stuck in this day, my heart tick tocking in a theme park
with fun house mirrors, clocks, and clowns.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My love runs deep
channeling through the longest veins
rooted at my hearts center.
It's a very red canal
with smooth green stones at its bottom,
pouring into a purple bay of goldfish and
skinny dippers blowing bubbles
with there underwater make-out sessions.

I feel the bubbles in my chest
remembering your chest,
bare against my ticklish skin.

I’m rooted…In my dreams…
In the between the distractions.
I’m rooted at the bottom of the bay
by a strand of bumpy, dark green seaweed
pulling at my floating emotions
with the rising and falling tide.
It’s was real.
It is real now
how I can reel the sensations
in from the deep waters of a time past.
When I close my eyes
I can smell the imperfect waters
Scents of seaweed, boat fuel, and clams fill my nose.

This bay breathes breaths,
bubbles of loaded air,
like messages in bottles down my esophagus.
This memory chamber.
Reliving the lips blowing bubbles inside me.
Forever kissing you underwater.

Photo: Things about love

Friday, February 10, 2012



Sunk your sharp teeth in
And told me how good they felt inside
I thought he should take them out
But the pain was satisfying
My lower back twitched,
as if I was possessed,
Striking the hard floor
Then jolting up and coming to an abrupt stop
Before striking again
You found me dressed in a buttoned-up cartigan
The scent of your venom secretes from my pours
I smell it, pressing my nose to my forearms
You brought me back to life
In the death of a sexually rejected,
insecure girlfriend.
I look in the mirror
in this sexy hotel room and I see
red, erotic scenes in my eyes
My hair untamed
Lips so seductive
I pucker at myself in the mirror
Watching your bare sparkling skin in the background

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