Sunday, August 31, 2014

No Words

The language
This dialect
These words
You cannot understand
My love language- you love
I’m being used
to heal your love and reignite the firey lover in your heart

You do not comprehend this
My love
When I fall
I crash
Melt down
Lie in agony of amor

You hold me against your chest
Tight enough to trace my breath to exhale
Close enough to feel the beat of my heart
“You are the kind of woman I need right now..
Affectionate…powerful… you need no one”
My love- I have no words

You are smooth to the touch,
smooth by the word,
freckled and tattooed
In your beautiful room
I can see the passionate remnants
This is the debris of love
After the fatal crash of the relationship
Between you and your woman

I wish you were mine,
But I can only smell the decomposing flesh
Of your love gone wrong

Hearts died in this room
Between the same four walls you wanted me
To kiss me, hold me,
and whisper erotic words between

I speak words you cannot understand
This language has undergone an evolution
gone through battles, defeats, and victories
In my book of love, it has been written already

The translation is available in a world you’ll never touch
Those eyes touch me as you stare in bewilderment
And mine back into yours
Wondering how I ended up in the arms of a fearful Wildman

This book tells me you can never be mine
In our story I was your heroine
The woman who saved your romantic-side
Who ran by your side in the mission to prevent
The lover in your heart from committing suicide

Tonight we lay in a bed of ruins
We shall both emerge stronger,
But not champions because we still want each other
As we last embrace in comfort
It is all being written

-For AK

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Baby, I want you

He said,
Baby, I want you
You in the most raw form
Without coverup
Without embellishments 
of accomplishments 
or padded bras
With Freckles and emotional scars
All her pain, love, 
and past dripping 
from her bare skin
Behind the sunglasses
He told her he'd hold her
when she cried
He wouldn't run from reality
he'll welcome and comfort
He said,
Baby, I want you

Monday, August 18, 2014

For You

I would erase them from my mind
Highlight all the pain and experiences
And then, press delete
I'd like to get a remote for all my love
press restart and start it all over
Hold your hand smoothly like mine has never been so burned
I want to forget that I was conceived in a bed of chaos
And lose my sick craving for men with screws loose and endless tattoos
I will fight to bury my twisters and tornados into my imagination
Where they can only destroy fictional characters I write about
Ill stop running like a wild woman
Surrender from hiding
among the thick green vegetation
Into your arms dressed
in camouflage and war paint
I won’t be such a cynic
I won’t compare you to the rest
I won’t try to apologize for being me
I’ll hold your hand and believe,
Plant my feet in the ground,
Take a deep breath,
Let them sink and stay a while


"You & I"- John Legend

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Poem starter : Write...Write....Write!

Can you start a poem with this line? Send/share a link to your poem in comments below

I remember when I saw you for the first time....

I heard you move across the floor
You made such a violent sport
Look elegant, sexy,
you floated past me
our eyes locked
From the floor
Laying on the ground my eyes flew towards yours
Colliding stars
giggling like children
from other worlds
playing in a deep, dark universe
Our adult selves just starred
eyes striking
jab for jab
just a glimpse
a foreshadowing
a precursor
a metaphysical spark

Months later we danced
in a deep, creamy white sky
laughing together
swimming forever in each others eyes
as if they were solar systems
you were mine
for just that time
an expedition
a starry escape
a dream

Your lips spilled:
"I remember when I saw you for the
first time. You looked
at me with those 'fuck me' eyes"
Your words
struck me
The explosion
It was the salsa
Your lips,
My tongue
our electric twists and turns
the verification that I wasn't alone
that first time
the tangling of two
lost hearts
was a celestial reality