Thursday, August 29, 2013

Queen to the King

You are ferocious
A king lion
A man unshaven

I spent hours in the royal bed
and have swung through your jungle,
but you don't know me at all

A queen,
I am under these covers
My jewels sparkle through my clothing
Hungry eyes, like yours, don't see them

You are a strange predator
I think to myself
As I run freely to and from you
without any opposition

The things we do are a luxury to the commoners
We surrender ourselves to bodily pleasures
Unchain ourselves from the shackles of the cerebral

My majesty it excites me that you cannot see
The powerful woman fully clothed in formal elegant attire,
outside this bed, with a mouth full of eloquent verbiage

The day has come I’ll return no more
through your doors of carnage
 and into your arms that have pleased just the body

I sit on my thrown,
imagining for just a moment
how you might handsomely rest on your own
wondering if it is possible you discharged
a caring thought into the universe:
Who is that beauty really?

Love to Death

She set our bed a flame
and left me cold.

Those lava-colored eyes are much more striking than mine.

You were hypnotized.
    So in love-

My love,
I too,
     have been struck by her knives,
by your lies

           She is the love-devil.
You say she excited you,
Her evil words delighted you
Her curses aroused you

          ----Now I curse you---

While you lay in the debris of you and she
I see her image pulling on the sheets of
my bed while I try to sleep.
Her demonic stares are deep and lusty.

In the

I am the lush, carnal creature wanting bodily pleasures/ she’s a blood thirsty tiger that never backs down.

                   +We prepare to engage in a fight to the death.+

Only one woman will walk from this arena,
triumphantly holding the other's beating heart.

Before the show begins I sit before a mirror
Watching as the other women admire me

They braid my hair back
My eyes sparkling with a glittery shadow
Lotion is rubbed onto my skin

I dress in leather,
wrapped in lace
and spiked belts

                              She approaches/ I approach/ We approach.

Our eyes lock.
                  A bell has rung!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This Poem is Not About You

Write poetry all 
over me with your
pinches and tickles. 

Push my buttons
make the images
pour from my pen.

Squeeze yourself
into my dreams
and fantasies.

Kiss me hard 
like you mean it 
and ill scribble 
it into forever.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cleanse of the Heart

I imagine 
the pain and letting 

I see your reflection
in the sunlit water 
I hear your voice 
loud and slowly 
disappear into a whisper
beneath the pouring sound

You are gone.

The water 
rushes threw my legs, 
hair sopping wet, 

The light warms my body
I feel weightless 
and powerful.

I am here. 
I press my fingers to the sky.
I feel all the love inside me.
I am cleansed.