Thursday, August 29, 2013

Love to Death

She set our bed a flame
and left me cold.

Those lava-colored eyes are much more striking than mine.

You were hypnotized.
    So in love-

My love,
I too,
     have been struck by her knives,
by your lies

           She is the love-devil.
You say she excited you,
Her evil words delighted you
Her curses aroused you

          ----Now I curse you---

While you lay in the debris of you and she
I see her image pulling on the sheets of
my bed while I try to sleep.
Her demonic stares are deep and lusty.

In the

I am the lush, carnal creature wanting bodily pleasures/ she’s a blood thirsty tiger that never backs down.

                   +We prepare to engage in a fight to the death.+

Only one woman will walk from this arena,
triumphantly holding the other's beating heart.

Before the show begins I sit before a mirror
Watching as the other women admire me

They braid my hair back
My eyes sparkling with a glittery shadow
Lotion is rubbed onto my skin

I dress in leather,
wrapped in lace
and spiked belts

                              She approaches/ I approach/ We approach.

Our eyes lock.
                  A bell has rung!


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