Friday, August 31, 2012

We love the fire

I walk over the last of our spilled gasoline.
You love me when you're setting fires.
My nude stilettos are resistant to your matches
and I am untouched.
Addicted, we are each other’s explosive obsession.

We are broken and engaged
in a battle. A fight to the death…
I take blow for blow,
determined to walk away alive
with a heart BEAT..BeAt.. BeaT.. beat

Your remarks are flaming arrows,
pointed and released with such precision
from behind a stare of passionate intention-
I swallow them and spit them back
It’s a very slow, voluntary death-by fire.

We take this hellish match
of gladiators to a private room.
Grabbing your neck
you’ve got me by the hair
in the same dead bed of lost futures and dreams

We are a flammable couple-
Tumultuous, angry, and vicious
Everything I vowed not to be
in a Mr. and Mrs. Smith type relationship
except you’re no Brad Pitt….

I can no longer walk through this heat
just to prove my heart to you-
Burned. Drained.
There are permanent markings, hieroglyphics
left on the walls of my interior.
The scars of a love gone wrong

I tempt you…
Light the matches of my darkness
and you will find a scorned animal seething.
Hissing, as I anticipate your presence
with heightened senses refusing to be defeated.

You look into my eyes,
kiss me with your teeth,
it's hot
and the battle recommences….

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A page from Reckless...

A light grew in my chest and slowly
ate away at my cold exterior.
My vampire skin cracked for weeks,
secreting strange liquids
from my broken crevices ..

I dripped them all around town,
all on my friends,
all naked with you in bed
and turned you off.

Shattered open,
I’m here-
making new promises to myself.

My feelings walk bare-naked in public,
dancing alone in a crowd
to a sexy techno song.

I hang up my innocent,
good girl hats-
the ones with the polka dots and hearts
and trade them in for outlandish,
badass, purple hair extensions.

Today I’m flying with all my strength,
self-healing powers,
and free loving nature,
like a precious bird
with diamond encrusted wings
and golden feathers.

Gazebo Summer Reading Series photos

Thanks and love to friends and family who came out to support my work! 


Cut to Grow

You walked around with a sword-
Your name engraved, as you swung / /
A rugged man
with a sea of opportunity.

Inside you was a little boy
playing pirates
capturing me,
a princess with a queen’s future.

You sung love songs to me
as you swung slashing away
the layers over my heart.

The days passed slow
as you whispered
foreign words into my dark cell
at the ship's bottom.

Bringing me up,
we’d walk to the end of the plank
and you swung,
taking me down, down, down....

A slow torture-
hour by hour-
limb by limb
fell to the floor

Here and now I am
only eyes tearing up
seeing you bare:
no costumes or lies

Clear vision sees
that you and I
were rotten
from the start

I move it to my memory
as lesson in love.
Cut down, but not gone
I’m left with eyes
to water my heart
and grow, grow, grow....