Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cactus fields

My little girl eyes
cracked dry smiles
tearing in sand storms

Through the night I watched
lights of passing cars
flash across my walls
lightning flickering
on the cactus fields
you left me in
to learn about
companionship and love…..

The same heart beats
through sun showers,
but gazes into the cloud smeared
black and blue sky
remembering the emptiness
of the words that
made you not only
a father,
but a damning prophet

One Single Impression: Deserted

Thursday, May 08, 2008

floating on my wings

In a lust-cocoon
wrapped, spun
and afloat
in the deep
dark colors
around your pupils

Until it all got too heavy
I took a deep breath
closed my eyes
and sunk to the bottom
holding my dream stones
tight in my palms

Silent serenity
and wordless magic
to my lips
and I can now
Navigate rivers
I thought I’d only wonder about

Paddling lying on
my glossy wings
smudged and kissed
with blue-green,
purple and yellow
to lands with white sand,
roses and doves

Totally Optional Prompts: Transformation