Sunday, September 18, 2005

Drops of Summer


On a familiar high
pink clouds of passion flew by-
Floating in your eyes.

The fountain breathes out
Spilling years of water carefree…
bubbling… giggling

A wise fountain,
pours out its heart,
Splashing children,

Rose pedals will float…
lying in the garden alone
dreaming around lies.

Drowning in curtains
locked in deep white chambers-
sleeping forever.

A stumbling path-
the October sun rises
over mystery.

Losing the chase
in my demon lovers eyes-
The tapes rewind.

Seashells dream…
Purple skies hope for romance,
hammocks cradle love.

Words on walls
a purple palace screams-
Princesses creep

Stray kittens…
Forever casting wishes
with eyes widened

Lust filled whispers
igniting infatuation-
burning innocence

crossing many lips…

Empty sand castles-
blank pages hug my books…
The beach glass is laughing

Its just time-
Jeans stuck in the sand….
A desperate night.

Haunting games-
Unforgettable name-
Blue self-shame