Thursday, August 23, 2012

A page from Reckless...

A light grew in my chest and slowly
ate away at my cold exterior.
My vampire skin cracked for weeks,
secreting strange liquids
from my broken crevices ..

I dripped them all around town,
all on my friends,
all naked with you in bed
and turned you off.

Shattered open,
I’m here-
making new promises to myself.

My feelings walk bare-naked in public,
dancing alone in a crowd
to a sexy techno song.

I hang up my innocent,
good girl hats-
the ones with the polka dots and hearts
and trade them in for outlandish,
badass, purple hair extensions.

Today I’m flying with all my strength,
self-healing powers,
and free loving nature,
like a precious bird
with diamond encrusted wings
and golden feathers.

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