Tuesday, February 21, 2012


My love runs deep
channeling through the longest veins
rooted at my hearts center.
It's a very red canal
with smooth green stones at its bottom,
pouring into a purple bay of goldfish and
skinny dippers blowing bubbles
with there underwater make-out sessions.

I feel the bubbles in my chest
remembering your chest,
bare against my ticklish skin.

I’m rooted…In my dreams…
In the spaces....in between the distractions.
I’m rooted at the bottom of the bay
by a strand of bumpy, dark green seaweed
pulling at my floating emotions
with the rising and falling tide.
It’s was real.
It is real now
how I can reel the sensations
in from the deep waters of a time past.
When I close my eyes
I can smell the imperfect waters
Scents of seaweed, boat fuel, and clams fill my nose.

This bay breathes breaths,
bubbles of loaded air,
like messages in bottles down my esophagus.
This memory chamber.
Reliving the lips blowing bubbles inside me.
Forever kissing you underwater.

Photo: Things about love


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful, touching and full of healing.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely! Where does the image come from?

C. Elizabeth said...

Things about love.. http://www.thingsaboutlove.com/breathtaking-underwater-kissing-photos