Friday, January 21, 2005

Silent Questions

What could you do- If I confessed?
Cleaned up our mess
Stopped pretending
Never gave back that shirt you lent me
Proved you right,
Threw a fit tonight.
Pushed you off me
Laid out the truth nicely
Denied your eyes

I’ve decided to walk away

What should you do- If I throw away phoniness?
Accepted loneliness
Laughed at your lies
Let myself cry
Enjoyed a taste of fate
Felt sorry for you

From now on I’ll look away

What would you do- If I got over you?
Moved on too
Forgot that song
Admitted to myself that you were wrong
Erased you from my dreams
Thought of something else before I fell asleep
Broke all the promises I said I’d keep

Tonight I have driven miles to lock you away

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