Monday, January 23, 2012

Born of Roses & Scorpions (From my next book, Reckless, coming soon..)

Your Scorpio seductive
potions nurtured
My Libra baby bird feathers
showing me the fantasies
and magic powers
of being a woman.

My mother painted her lips red
with a red rose colored lipstick
attracting the darkest scorpions
spawned deep
in the souls
of men young and old.

Off her red lips
songbirds pranced
after flying from
the vines of her vocals.
In those songs, a baby bird,
saw the curves of the woman
I’d one day see in the mirror.
It was my mother...
only with a few exotic roots
She is a woman
with darker features.

The birds sung my heart
to sleep many nights
and carried me to places
where I was a sacred princess
treasured by a kingdom
of knights and maidens.
Her songs planted seeds
that would only grow
until much later,
flowering into wild
passion flowers

In bed I lay,
a rare bird,
naked with a sexy warrior.
Gazing into his rough skin
Thinking of where I came from...
I picture a beautiful red rose
in a romance with an onyx scorpion

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Cynthia said...

This is a beauty. A journey through a romance of haunting