Sunday, January 22, 2012

MAKING HISTORY (a page from, my new collection of poems, Reckless..coming soon..)

Looking around the room
I took notice of the artifacts
that define our era
and think of us as a part of the history of now;
We are creating an atom of eternity,
a sexy 21st century
love affair
with all the markings of its time

When you touch my naked face to your lips
I wonder if I could’ve been more passionate in past lifetimes,
had I lived without
all our conveniences and luxuries
This could be all we know or an illusion,
this free-loving feeling that twists
my thoughts
all the while bound and tied down
by exotic and diverse things in this city
like lace ties and handcuffs

You’re mine with the press of a button,
a click, or a text
Its modern sorcery
We are equally objectified,
Changing clothes,
Wearing costumes for each other
quickly becoming just another device
like my digital camera and cell phone
I look into your body language searching for the possibility of camouflaged romance,
trying my hardest to see traces of it
like an optical illusion
in the lines of your flexed arms

Photo Credit: Calvin Klein

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