Tuesday, April 01, 2008

National Poetry Month: NaPoWriMo

For National Poetry Month, I am on a poem marathon in participation with readwritepoem's NaPoWriMo.

Also, check out my other blog, Love to be Inspired, highighting some of my favorite poets this month.

Check back here for an updated list for April.

4/1 Metamorphosis
4/2 Golden cages
4/3 The freeze
4/4 Serene beaches
4/5 comfort fruits
4/6 Sunday haikus to you
4/7 Carnivals and jungles
4/8 Chocolate bubbles
4/9 Capsules of gemstones
4/10 Freckled wings
4/11 Letters to you
4/13 C&J wedding haikus
4/14 neon eyes, starless skies
4/15 Hold my bones
4/16 Covered in Butterflies
4/17 Dragon secrets

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