Wednesday, March 05, 2008

stranger equals

My dysfunctional kiss is missed on your twisted lips,
but mine can only pucker and bloom

A stranger at your expense
swimming in your flaws
I couldn’t get enough of the aloofness

Stranger equals Freedom... Once I thought

When dead strings swung from my heart
I dangled
like a bungee jumper
excited, free, yet attached
thirsty for more polluted air

That was you-
don’t be fooled,
but be aware:
There was always someone else
staring at you in the dark
intoxicated deep eyes
worn by a zombie woman

My finger on your lip
Silent witchery
Freed the white lies
from your caves of fantasy.
They took to the sky
like wild bats wearing butterfly masks

You asked me again
But I can no longer lie
You’ve got no fiction in your kiss
Only words mumbled in secret code
Heavy and broken when they hit the floor

Stranger equals Prisoner

1 comment:

Cynthia said...

I love this poem! For me she
speaks to a wierd, wicked love/
Please become a guest on my
humble blog.