Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our Torrid Love (a work to be continued)

Our Torrid Love-hungry-famished-destiny-altered the mind-a scavenger with heightened senses- pounced like a starved lion-unable to feel-the body- swam in deprivation- anticipated deconstruction of a perfect someone-in each other.

I burned in your eyes all those nights under street lights. We took shots to numb it all, though I still felt your hurt crawling beneath my skin. Your scars cried tears into mine when we fell together. I held you higher and continued to descend. I lost myself in an empty space where words can only be thought and never born. Real passion was nonexistent- this was a fiction, lost among so many others. I ignored your stare and clinched as it salted my crevices that used to kiss yours. My dimness said it all.. did you hear me?

Our Torrid Love-Pressed our-fire reds, bubblegum pinks, purple plums- our lips- that have tasteless memories-but through all the grays I can still remember the colors.

In response to a prompt over at Writer's Island


gautami tripathy said...

Beautiful prose poem. Please do continue. It has great potential..

word by word

tumblewords said...

bubblegum pinks - how vivid - vibrant poem...