Friday, March 07, 2008

fermentation of the fornication

Fornication, sounds like fermentation:
making alcohol out of yeast,
although vinification
sounds like a more sensual route to follow
right to the bottom of the bottle
where you’ve found you can use it like a telescope,
but only loose sight of the moon.

This fermentation of the fornication
Confuses you ­­---
As you once believed it to be a sensation
to create an indentation that was truly…You

At this hour
the intoxication is drunk off you-
a night demon:
possessed and used

Forget it all.
We’ll tie you to the mattress
and wait for the sun to perform an exorcism
or a plain over-exposure
to burn away the possibility of any identification-

Who are you?
The one who is so startled
upon waking to a blank ceiling
with the urge to fill in the empty spaces
that make you and that ceiling seem closer

Rising suddenly looking for some
indication of where you left
your lace underwear,
finding it in your shoe after giving up
running for an open door you catch
a glimpse of a stranger in the mirror
and realize it’s you.

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