Monday, November 11, 2013


I dream deep fields of color 

In the fall I close my eyes 
 and step curiously twisting down rows of beautiful 
orange pumpkin patches and dancing in apple orchards 
looking for him hiding among the foliage 
playing our game 

Summer slumber makes me soar
through great big purple vineyards 
holding his hand pretending 
he was mine forever 

Spring sleep brings a rainbow, scented sea of color. 
An enormous bouquet of flowers of all varieties... 
Blues, greens, whites, pinks, reds and yellows.
I pick a few and hold them close to my nose 
I see his smile 

In the winter I dream of a white blanket of snow 
under a black sky lit with stars that resemble Christmas lights. 
Red is the color of the fire I sit in front of. 
I imagine the warmth consumes me 
as I breathe in the heat of the room into my soul. 

Photographs by IIya Rashap

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