Saturday, November 23, 2013

From the Passenger's Eyes

On your passenger's side
Back here again <////3 

You'll be my heart's demise
You'll have it no other way
I love you
I can't tell you this 

You'll be my hearts assassin 
I know this because you've
come very close.

I'm sitting on your right side 


The passenger's side

How fitting,
you're driving-
A reckless driver 
Texting at the wheel 
You could care less 
You asked me here
I came here

My heart said yes 
My head got dressed and put on
makeup unwillingly

You pay me no mind 
Texting her over and over
I see you 

You're mad 
You're fighting with her
I know all these things 
I know you well

I can't say these things to you 
I can't show I care. 
I can't tell you I dream of you and me 
when our passion was lit like a wild fire 

I can't tell you you....
(You turn to glance at me as I write these words feverishly) 
...I sit quiet as you type away 

Spilling your heart out to her 
As I write this poem to you 
A poem you'll never read

I touch your arm and neck
I caress you
Attempting to soothe your pain 

You don't touch me 
You think my affection
is of another world 

I have grown and I know now 
That I am just fine 
This world accepts my loving nature 

I am not strange 
I am a lover 
Dying to love you 

You won't let me 
You are confused 
You might want to 
You might not 
You might have a grand plan 
You might not have one at all 

Your kiss is different 
It is passionless 
It is not that of a lover 

Why have you asked me here 
You asked to see me repeatedly 
You take me to a home goods store to run errands-
 playing husband n wife 

You are selfish, yet you ask for nothing 
You are selfish and return only the things that cost money 
You are selfish, yet you don't want sex. 
You want my heart.

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