Monday, July 21, 2014

Strength of a Crowned Woman

Sparkly sparks gloss over our tequila kisses
It rained into our locked hands
My hand held slippery-perfect in yours

You let me,
let you,
kiss me
and me kiss you

You hid your darkness
Underneath your inquisitive words
Wrapped me in compliments
Like a blindfold
A sexy blackout
Leading to pleasures in the dark
We held each other

As if this was our last night-perhaps it was

You washed my sins away
In a steamy shower
In your arms
I was a goddess- perhaps I am still

You believe me a warrior
You see that I AM a woman with a crown
You say I can stand beside powerful men
As their equal- perhaps you're right

Strength is my strength
You surrendered your weaknesses
Handed me your brokenness
Into my solid palm

We see eye to eye
You cannot be mine
Nor me yours
It is time to part- my sweet heart

I watch you dance off
into the darkness
Into your black night
I wish you comfort
To heal your wounds
To find your heart

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