Monday, May 26, 2014

A Curse and a Kiss

They’ve all changed me
The sweet-talkers, the liars,
the romantics, the sex-gods,
the inconsiderate, the womanizers

She's gone into the darkest yesterday
The dreams have dissipated
The fantasies have dried up
It’s a hot desert
Filled with dancing women and tattooed men
I don't want a flowery, rhyme-y fairytale
I want a dirty, mess of a nonfiction

That word makes you nervous
Makes you think I have too much power
And baby I have more than you can ever imagine

Tell me baby:
The juicy dramas you foresee,
That your ex will show up at our doorstep
That you'll make me cry
That we won't always be satisfied
We’ll fall off and loose interest
You’ll lie from time to time
But soon apologize
and I'll forgive you because it won't be betrayal
It will be a firestorm and a cool breeze
It will be a rainstorm and a rainbow
It will be a curse and a kiss

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