Monday, November 12, 2012

Beauty and the Dragon

We burnt the place down
Shook up the room 
Now, were lying in the aftermath of a lit match
against spontaneous, alcohol-infused passion

This room appears to be a battlefield
A slayed a dragon sleeps next to me
I lay clutching my sword
He snores, sighing, dead to the world
He’s very ordinary, common-
with his scruffy face and squishy love handles
My wide, curious pupils watch him
in the dark as his stomach rises up and down

Through these amber eyes he is mystical
My arms stretch longing to touch the ceiling 
In this bed that’s like a cloud 
I soar curiously into the darkness of these walls
like navigating the night sky
feeling as if the stars were tickling me
while I fly over a battlefield of firey dreams

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