Sunday, January 24, 2010

Language: Part One

At first glance the morning appeared to be still
A sudden- BOOM! POP!
Silence. And a tickle to the eardrums
Chirping birds
Chatting loudly; a rapid fire of sound through the trees
Each sensory bullet is separate and distinguished.
Disperse….- Converge
A tumultuous linguistic relationship.
Engaging in a syntax dance over and over again:
Sounds flying over and under, twisting, spinning, stepping, clapping
Symphonizing and harmonizing:
Bobbing below, above, and in between the others
Tick. Meep. Cheep. Iii. Eeet. Tiii. Keey. Cuuu.
A structured chaos fluttering through my ears
Stuck in a whirl wind of sound
I reach for free flying feathers

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