Monday, December 22, 2008

Candy Cane Love

Reds & greens
kiss as they twist
to the last jolly lick-
slipping through
the fingers
of the woman with the peppermint flavored
lips, white lights
flickering behind
her cherry colored
dress, she stares into the chocolate with the green tin wrapping until
it begins to resemble
mistletoe as she makes
two candy canes kiss
and forms a heart<3

Poem inspired by Writer's Island Prompt #11- "Slipped through my fingers"

This beautiful photo was taken by Janoid, posted on Flickr


Elizabeth said...

Your poem is full of sense imagery, sights, colors, tastes, and smells. All distilled into one tiny moment. Love it.


Sweet Talking Guy.. said...

Hi, Like this! Happy New Year!

San said...

this was such a delightful read.. :) love your work. :)