Friday, September 07, 2007

There's a Soul Down There

There’s a soul down there
That I touch when my soul’s energy finds yours
It is somewhere
Maybe behind your ribs that cages you in this misery

When I am silent only your soul knows I’m there
and never comes through
I often try speak to it, but when your soul
moves up to your lips, past your breath,
it dances with humanity and your personality fucks it up

I dream of days when the sun reflected off of the snow,
turning our faces and noses red digging for things that were
frozen to the ground.
My eyes couldn’t see then, but through a narrow scope
finally I became tainted myself
Now even my soul is silenced
resting up against my heart

There’s a soul down there, I know
Ours only play on a different snow
Each day my soul presses on my heart
and I feel myself crying inside,
stifling the soul from the world outside

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